Candidate Relationship Agreement

This policy is not applicable to Independent Contractors seeking to contract with our Agency or the Clients of our Agency.

You will be meeting with a staffing consultant who will discuss your skills, experience, and goals. You understand and agree that by meeting with us, you will become a candidate for assignment with our Agency, rather than an employee of our Agency. Your interview with our firm will result in an electronic record that our team will rely on to determine if we will take steps to attempt to assign you to work for one of our clients.

For temporary or contract roles

You also understand and agree that our Agency will make no attempt to assign you to work for our clients until the following steps have been completed:

  • You have provided a resume at your initial screening stage;
  • We have met with you for an interview;
  • We have internally reviewed your qualifications and experience;
  • You have completed relevant testing required by our Agency and our clients depending on the type of work you are seeking;
  • We have carried out any relevant security clearance or background check should it be required by the client and fitting to your employment goals;
  • We have contacted you by telephone or email to discuss assignments for which you are being considered by a client of our Agency, and for which you are both interested and available to accept.
  • We have verified your work references and references were positive.

You understand and agree that as part our Agency’s job development process, we may discuss your career profile with our clients. Our clients may ask to see your resume or may ask to meet with you. In both cases, you understand and agree that this is part of the client’s evaluation and screening process and cannot be understood as an offer of employment or attempted offer to assign you.

You understand and agree that when a client has expressed a clear interest in your candidacy, and when you are interested in the client and available to work, this will form our mutual agreement to attempt to assign you.

All documents you have read and agreed to are available on-line and accessible from your secure account with our Agency.