Our Privacy Policy

In accordance with PIEPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), Altis Recruitment & Technology Inc. (operating as Altis Recruitment) has a Privacy Policy in place to protect the use and disclosure of your personal information when interacting with Altis Recruitment as a new applicant or candidate. A new applicant is defined as any individual looking for work or considering a change in employment or career and registering for the first time with Altis Recruitment. Once an applicant has been interviewed by one of Altis Recruitments recruiters or consultants, they become a candidate who will be considered for immediate and ongoing jobs and careers with our clients. Personal information is defined as any information about you, including your contact details (name, email, address, telephone number), employment history, past earnings, salary expectations, education history, skills, work preferences (type of position sought, availability, limitations), and any other related information necessary to assess your suitability for placement.

Altis Recruitment obtains your information from you when submitting your resume and during an interview(s), as well as through reference checks, skill testing results, placement performance, and ongoing contact with you. When you send us your resume or arrange an interview, you consent to Altis Recruitment adding your profile (resume, contact information, key skills, etc.) to our internal database. Our database is used to search for candidates for positions with our clients, to contact those candidates, and to gain their permission to represent them in specific positions or send their resumes to clients. Altis Recruitment will store your information in our internal database for the purpose of assisting you in finding employment opportunities with our clients and working with you over time in your career. Should you commence employment with an Altis Recruitment client, your information will be used and stored for payroll purposes. You understand that your payroll information will not be disclosed to clients. Personal information collected, including that provided on resumes and your contact information, is never sold or open to outside individuals or companies.

You consent to the retention of your personal information by Altis Recruitment for as long as you use our placement services or until you close your employment record with Altis Recruitment. Further, you consent to the disclosure of your personal information, resume, and any background check results (if applicable) to Altis Recruitment’s clients during the client’s screening process and to Altis Recruitment’s representatives who provide you with placement services. Altis Recruitment ensures that the personal information we collect, use, and store is protected against unauthorized access, unintended disclosure, and theft. A password-protected database and a secure hard copy filing system provide this protection.

If you wish to withdraw consent to the use, disclosure, and retention of your personal information or close your employment record, you must inform Altis Recruitment by e-mail, by telephone at 1-877-579-5805, or by a written letter addressed to our Privacy Officer at 102 Bank St., #300, Ottawa, ON K1P 5N4. At that time, Altis Recruitment will inform you whether and how such withdrawal will affect the services being provided to you. Payroll information will be retained for seven years per Canada Revenue Agency laws, but only the information essential to Revenue Canada will be retained.

If you would like to access your personal information, you may contact our Privacy Officer at 1-877-579-5808. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, Altis Recruitment will respond to requests within 30 days.

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